The versatility of wpc bamboo products

The best uses of WPC: from residential to public and commercial

WPC Bamboo can be used for several applications: it combines the fine and elegant aesthetics of wood, to the ecological aspect, thus guaranteeing the modern design with attention on eco-sustainability.

A choice that carves out a large space both in private environments such as homes, and in public spaces such as parks and commercial businesses. Art WPC Bamboo products are the ideal proposal for those who are planning the renewing of a building thanks to the certified quality.

Swimming pools

wpc bamboo swimming pool edge

Bamboo fibre composite is particularly suitable for use in areas near or in direct contact with water. Its waterproofness and resistance to slipping on wet surfaces, males WPC ideal for swimming pool decking. As it is a rot-proof material and is resistant to mould and bacteria it guarantees hygiene to the direct contact with skin.


wpc bamboo garden decking

Suitable for outdoor areas, WPC is often used for private and public gardens: being particularly resistant to the weather and chemical substances, it does not deteriorate when in contact with pesticides or other products used to take care of green areas. If you wish to create private areas away from prying eyes, then Art WPC Bamboo fencing is the ideal choice for the home garden.


wpc bamboo terace decking

Thanks to the design finishes and the vast assortment of colours, Art Wpc Bamboo decking is suitable for cladding terraces, outdoor areas of bars and restaurants or children’s play areas. The aesthetic characteristics and adaptability allow WPC Bamboo decking to be used to recreate particularly elegant, refined and comfortable areas dedicated to relaxation.


wpc bamboo beach walkway

A material resistant to water, to high temperatures and salt, WPC is suitable to make walkways and jetties for seafront or lakefront walks. Its natural design and wide range of colours make Art WPC Bamboo jetties and platforms an excellent quality choice. WPC Bamboo products are resistant to exposure to UV rays, to the contact of sand and salt and to wear following the continuous passage that is typical of bathing establishments.

Outdoor design

outdoor design with wpc bamboo sunshade

Bamboo fibre wood plastic composite is a material that follows an ideal design line to clad outdoor environments. Thanks to its elegance and maintenance and cleaning simplicity, it is often placed on external walls of homes. WPC decking is a decorative element that makes the home unique. Art WPC Bamboo cladding is available in multiple colours and sizes, suitable for any surface and setting. For a modern architectural profile attentive to aesthetics, the sunshades are design furnishing accessories that are functional and customizable.

Furnishing items

planters made from wpc bamboo

Thanks to its delicacy, its pastel colours and the reference to the naturalness of wood, WPC Bamboo is often used to make furnishing items that give beauty to outdoor environments: planters, pergolas, canopies, gazebos and much more.

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