All you would like to ask about WPC Bamboo

Is polyethylene contained in WPC Bamboo toxic or does it release toxic gases if burned?

No, polyethylene is not toxic, in fact it is also used for food containers. When burned it turns into carbon dioxide and steam.

What tools are needed to install WPC Bamboo?

For installation both vertically or flat, standard equipment is used: saw, hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape and spirit level.

Does WPC Bamboo splinter or deteriorate like wood?

No, the Art WPC Bamboo product is subjected to very intense accelerated tests that reproduce the most extreme external climate changes in the laboratory. Find out why WPC Bamboo is better than wood: click here.

What temperature can WPC resist at?

Each WPC Bamboo surface can resist at temperatures from -40°C to +60°C.

Does WPC also resist colour changes and surface compactness?

Being made of 60% natural material, the exposure of WPC Bamboo to the sun could change colour, however without turning grey or changing completely. After one year the colour remains stable.

How long does the Art WPC Bamboo guarantee last?

Each one of our products is guaranteed for 15 years against structural damage and fungi and insect attacks. The guarantee is valid if assembly work is carried out as per the instructions.

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