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Frequently Asked Questions

All you would like to ask about WPC Bamboo

What type of material is WPC?

WPC is an eco-friendly product made of bamboo, natural recycled materials and a small part of technological plastic resins. Find out all the advantages of WPC here.

Can WPC be used indoors?

While WPC is specifically designed for outdoor use, it is also possible to use it indoors to make design floors or walls.

What other uses does WPC Bamboo have?

Planters, pergolas, children's play areas, canopies, gazebos and much more.

How long does WPC last?

WPC is a durable product: as 60% of it is made of bamboo fibre, a material known for its strength, it can remain unaltered for many years. Our WPC Bamboo is guaranteed for 15 years.

Does WPC Bamboo splinter or deteriorate like wood?

No, our product is subjected to very intense accelerated tests that reproduce the most extreme external climate changes in the laboratory. Find out why WPC Bamboo is better than wood: click here.

Is it also resistant to colour changes and surface compactness?

Being made up of 60% natural material, WPC Bamboo can, with prolonged exposure to the sun and weather, slightly change colour, without turning grey or fading intensely. After one year the colour remains stable.

What temperatures can it withstand?

It can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +60°C.

Does WPC withstand heavy loads?

WPC is a highly resistant material; it can withstand an overload of up to 400 kg per square metre.

How long does the warranty last?

Warranty: all products are covered by a warranty that shall be issued by the company upon customer request and according to the product purchased.

Is salt water or chlorine a problem on WPC?

WPC is perfectly resistant to wear and tear caused by chlorine or salt water, which is why this material is suitable for swimming pools or seaside walkways.

How can WPC be washed?

WPC can be cleaned using warm water and a scrubbing brush, or, in the case of persistent dirt, neutral detergents that are readily available on the market can be used. Please refer to the care and cleaning page (link) to learn how to remove specific stains and debris.

What tools are needed to install WPC Bamboo?

For installation both vertically or flat, standard equipment is used, owned by every wood professional: saw, hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape and spirit level.

Is polyethylene contained in WPC Bamboo toxic or does it release toxic gases if burned?

No, polyethylene is not toxic, in fact it is also used for food containers. When burned it turns into carbon dioxide and steam.

How much does WPC cost?

Prices are calculated per square metre and vary according to the type of product selected. We recommend requesting a quote to find out the cost of the material.

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