Care and cleaning

Rapidity, simplicity and savings: this is WPC Bamboo

To remove dirt and encrusted debris from your Art WPC Bamboo decking, just use a brush immersed in hot water. Persistent dirt can be treated with mild detergents.

Pens and markers

All colours are indelible. To remove colours from WPC bamboo fibre surfaces, gently scrape the affected area with a fine scouring pad to soften the ink mark. The result depends on the type of ink.

Mould and bacteria

To eliminate mould and bacteria, dilute a little bleach in hot water and rub the affected area with a wet cloth.

Ice and snow

To melt ice and snow it is sufficient to use normal salt, or the specific anti-ice salt found in specialized retailers. Once melted remove the residual mass.

Rust and encrusted dirt

To deal with encrusted dirt and rust, it is recommended to use oxalic or phosphate acid based cleaning products, following the indicated instructions for use. It is also possible to use medium steel wool (scouring pad) with moderate pressure to remove any encrustations.

Oil, grease, ointment, sun cream stains

If stained with oil, grease or ointment, WPC bamboo fibre can be cleaned by using a universal degreaser and hot water. After spraying the product on the affected area, rub vigorously with a sponge or use the pressure washer for an optimal result.

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