WPC Bamboo Jetties, Platforms
and Self-interlocking Tiles

WPC Bamboo solutions for bathing areas and large outdoor areas

Thanks to its resistance to atmospheric agents and its versatility, WPC Bamboo is often used to make platforms, walkways and jetties for gardens, terraces, seafront or lakefront pedestrian areas.

Beach platform

Slats for jetties

WPC Bamboo slats for jetties are narrow ribbed on both sides. They are used to cover areas that are in direct contact with water, this is why they are the ideal choice for marine environments.

Slats for jetties sample
  • Assorted colours
  • Bamboo fibre slats

Slats for jetties Components

Components codes

Available colours:

Nocciola colour


Castagno colour


Beach platform

To make bathing area walkways, the WPC Bamboo beach platform is the ideal solution thanks to its resistance to salt and atmospheric agents; it does not splinter, is rot-proof and can be walked on barefoot. The right choice for easy access to the beach for wheelchairs and prams.

Beach platform
  • Assorted colours
  • Bamboo fibre platform

Beach platforms Components

Components codes

Example of two-colour beach platform
with 4 steel profiles

Two-colour beach platformombra

Example of hazel-coloured beach platform
with 3 steel profiles

Hazel-coloured beach platformombra

Available colours:

colore Ghiaccio


colore Nocciola


colore Bicolore Ghiaccio/Nocciola


Self-interlocking tiles

The decking made of WPC Bamboo self-interlocking tiles is ideal for outdoor poolside areas, pathways or terraces. It is excellent for covering large outside areas.

Self-interlocking tile sample
  • Available colour: Castagno (Chestnut)
  • Bamboo fibre tile

Self-interlocking tiles Components

Components codes

Available colours:

colore Castagno


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