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WPC-Bamboo: the future of design.

Innovative, eco-friendly, resistant, easy-to-clean and beautiful!

We, at Art WPC Bamboo, chose to invest in wood plastic composite because it is a material that has all the aesthetic characteristics of wood without its drawbacks.

WPC is, in fact, 100% recyclable (because it is composed of 60% bamboo wood fibre, 30% recycled material and 10% reinforcing plastic), resistant to humidity, water, bacteria and thermal shock, withstanding temperatures from -40°C to 60°C, walkable barefoot as it is splinter-free, does not crack or warp, does not need to be treated, is easy to install and clean and is guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Why is WPC the material of the future?


Because this wood composite is environmentally friendly, competitive in terms of price and potential and looks amazing.

Bamboo cultivation

Bamboo is an aquatic plant that grows very quickly, producing raw material for industrialization in about three years. Moreover, given its unique characteristics, bamboo is perfect for the design of outdoor environments.
WPC is an economically competitive material, more durable than wood and quick and easy to install via clips and supports (always provided in our Art WPC Bamboo line).

WPC-Bamboo is also available in a variety of different non-fading UV-resistant colours and requires absolutely no maintenance.

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Build & furnish with WPC:
design goes green.

Wood plastic composites can be used over large areas, is resistant to fire, moisture and mould, is smooth yet non-slip and is pleasant to walk barefoot.
Thanks to these and other features, WPC is ideal for eco-friendly flooring, exterior cladding in private and public spaces, fencing, Profiles and finishes, sunscreens, self-locking tiles, beach decking, parks and gardens, decorative items such as planters, railings, gazebos, piers and non-slip steps and countless other uses.
As a thermal and acoustic insulator, WPC is a material that can also be used to energetically requalify a building, with the further advantage of looking great.

Why choose wood plastic composites?

does not splinter

We, at Art WPC Bamboo, decided to invest in WPC not only for its strength and appearance, but also for its excellent safety performance. This wood composite neither splinters, cracks or spoils.

wpc non-slip

Thanks to its non-slip surface finish, this wood plastic composite is ideal for use in wet areas such as pool sides, jetties and beach and spa resorts.

wpc does not absorb the heat

Another feature that makes the WPC so in demand on the market is the presence of reflective and inorganic pigments that absorb less of the sun's energy and thus maintain a pleasant surface temperature.

Care & cleaning, in a jiffy.


To remove dirt and any deposits from WPC, you can just use a brush and a little hot water. When necessary, you can also use any mild detergent on the market.
Use a little salt to melt ice and snow, phosphate or oxalic acid based products to remove rust or encrusted dirt, a little bleach in warm water to remove wine and red fruit stains or a slight brush with a pot scourer for marker and pen stains.

Care & cleaning

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