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We, at Art WPC Bamboo, have extensive experience with a wide range of different materials for various sectors from construction to industrial applications. But then we tried to look beyond the usual materials for something altogether different and we discovered cutting-edge wood plastic composite (WPC). It is a material from the future but so simple in its humidity-resistant composition of a readily available wood fibre (from fast growing water bamboo), recycled materials and reinforcing plastic.

wpc applications, residential, commercial, public

The ideal solution for any environment.

This material is perfect for a range of applications in design and eco-design. WPC is, in fact, becoming ever more popular in furniture production and construction industries.
A rising star in a constantly expanding market, wood plastic composite in a range of applications for residential (e.g. terraces, balconies, patios, gardens, bathrooms, staircases and other indoor and outdoor home spaces), public (e.g. beaches, parks, public gardens, decorative items such as planters, swimming pools, jetties, piers, boardwalks, walkways, gazebos, space-dividers, non-slip steps and much more) and commercial (e.g. shops and stores, warehouses) sectors.

Versatile and durable, WPC is a fantastic eco-friendly solution to replace wood even over extremely large surfaces. As a thermal and acoustic insulator, this material is also ideal for the retrofitting of buildings.

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WPC: material for design. Why?


Wood plastic composite, in appearance, is extremely similar to wood, but without the drawbacks. That's right: WPC is water-resistant and so can be used even in wet environments, having also been tested marine environments, and it does not rot, nor crack or warp.

wpc immune da insetti
wpc does not rot

This wood composite is also immune to termites, insects and mould, is highly resistant to atmospheric agents and temperature extremes, from -40°C to +60°C, and is extremely easy to install and clean.

With these qualities, WPC has quickly become the ideal material solution for a great number of applications.
Art WPC Bamboo is proud to supply flooring, fencing, cladding, Profiles, finishes, sun-shading and finished products such as deck platforms and interlocking tiles.

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Our certifications.

Art WPC Bamboo has already achieved the following certifications in wood plastic composite applications:

  • UNI EN 13501-1 - fire resistance in flooring applications
  • UNI EN 13501-1 - fire resistance in wall and ceiling applications
  • UNI EN ISO 26987 - stain resistance
  • UNI EN 438-2 - abrasion resistance
  • UNI EN 12664 - thermal resistance
  • CEN/TS 15676 - dry and wet slip resistance
  • ISO 178 - flex strength

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