Art WPC Bamboo: one team, one company.

It all started from the commercialization of an innovative new product, WPC. Our encounter with this material led us to form a team of specialists in its use and production.

And the team led not only to a new business line, now established across Italy and beyond, but also a company producing a variety of WPC products, ranging from eco-friendly cladding to flooring, fencing, Profiles, finishes, sunscreens, decking and interlocking tiling of various colours.

Gabreiele Pretto Ceo
Gabriele Pretto
Giuseppe Mastrotto Sales Manager
Giuseppe Mastrotto
Sales manager

The market interest in the material of the future.

Environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, durability and innovation are just some of the elements that make WPC and WPC Art Bamboo line a leader in the Italian market. This material is a new product that has proven itself reliable and indispensable in environmental technology and cutting-edge design, with remarkable economic advantages and durability over time.

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materiale riciclato wpc

agenti plastici wpc

We have chosen the absolute best solution.

And we bring it to our customers through extensive research, professionalism and the high quality of a truly unique product.
The bamboo composite has various qualities that distinguish it from other materials.
Made from 60% bamboo wood fibre, 30% recycled material and 10% reinforcing plastic, WPC is eco-sustainable, water-resistant, weather and bacteria resistant, easy to clean, similar to wood and 100% recyclable.
Given its performance, wood plastic composite is ideal for use especially in outdoor environments such as gardens, parks, swimming pools, beaches and many other spaces.
Evidence of the success of this composite wood is its continuous production: practically every three months our professionals realize and test entirely new products in WPC-Bamboo, as well as the various custom products designed to meet specific customer needs.

Our support, anytime, anywhere.


We market and produce finished and semi-finished products that, with special fixings, are easy to assemble by following the simple instructions that accompany every product.

advice and assistance

We provide support to our customers throughout Italy and abroad, from design to delivery. Our team offers consultation services and technical support, also after-sales, professional guidance on how to assemble the product and all the information you need at any time you need it.
Another service that we provide to businesses and other organizations wishing to try out or advertise wood plastic composites consists in display kits, totems and sample boxes.

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