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Decking supports and assembly accessories

Everything for assembling WPC Bamboo decking

WPC Decking mounted on supports

Decking supports

Decking supports


  • Perfect flatness of the final decking;
  • Passing of systems under decking;
  • Recovery of decking with various heights;
  • Easy inspection and maintenance of waterproofing without demolition

The material with which the supports are made makes them resistant to acid and basic solutions and to atmospheric agents. The excellent resistance to temperature changes makes it possible to lay them with temperatures from 0 ° to 40


Recommended: 9 supports per m2


Decking supports ombra

Technical information

  Capacity Fixing strip Capacity MiniMart
Surface of support-base 314 cm2 177 cm2
Capacity 400 kg 400 kg
Lay on compact surface 400 kg 400 kg
Support is adjustable in height 35 > 380 mm 22 > 37 mm
Top diameter 120 mm 150 mm
Base diameter 200 mm 150 mm

Code list

Adjustable supports
Characteristics and sizes (mm) Code list
Prime up h 10-15 AF1500
Prime up h 10-20 AF1501
Prime up h 10-25 AF1502
Supporto altezza fissa h 25 AF1503
Supporto altezza fissa h 35 AF1504
MiniMart h 22-30 AF1505
MiniMart h 28-37 AF1506
Martinetto h 35 - 50 AF1507
Martinetto h 50 - 70 AF1508
Martinetto h 65 - 100 AF1509
Martinetto h 95 - 130 AF1510
Martinetto h 125 - 160 AF1511
Martinetto h 155 - 190 AF1512
Martinetto h 185 - 220 AF1513
Martinetto h 210 - 245 AF1514
Martinetto h 240 - 275 AF1515
Martinetto h 270 - 305 AF1516
Martinetto h 300 - 335 AF1517
Martinetto h 330 - 365 AF1518
Martinetto XL h 85 - 135 AF1519
Martinetto XL h 125 - 215 AF1520
Martinetto XL h 210 - 380 AF1521

Assembly accessories

Assembly accessories for WPC Bamboo decking: fixing strips, screws, fixing clips.

Aluminum fixing strips

Aluminum fixing strips

Cod. AF501
L 2200 50x25x2 cm
Cod. AF503
L 2200 50x15x2 cm

clips for Classic decking

AF601 clips for Classic decking

Cod. AF601
40x26x12 cm

AF602 start clips for Classic, Professional and Wood Plastic decking

AF602 start clips for classic, professional and wood plastic decking

Cod. AF602

Clips per fissaggio

AF604 clips for professional and wood plastic decking

Cod. AF604

ABS clips used to facilitate slat replacement

ABS clips used to facilitate slat replacement

Cod. AF605 for Classic decking
Cod. AF606 for Professional decking

304 stainless-steel screws

304 stainless-steel screws

Cod. AF701

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